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The SMART Agents

The foundation technology of EM Imaging is the “SMART Agent” optical imaging platform. These fluorescent agents are novel and protected by patents in all major territories.  The core of the technology is that the fluorescent signal from the optical agents is increased on target engagement in a diseased patient.  EM Imaging’s platform technology is based on molecules having 3 key components:

  1. Carrier backbone or pharmacokinetic modulator, coupled to a targeting agent or linker to improve bioavailability/binding affinity and stability.
  2. Peptide binder or substrate that allows specific targeting of disease process.
  3. Fluorescent reporter to allow visualisation.

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging as a portfolio of agents addressing a number of unmet medical needs. All Optical Agents progressed to date have been found to be safe, tolerable, soluble, specific, sensitive and selective.

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