Partnerships and investigators studies

At EM Imaging , we believe that ideas, when coupled with rigorous research, can drive the innovation required to solve the challenging healthcare needs of today and tomorrow.

Our scientists and leadership team are committed to an expansive research program whether working alone or in partnership with a network of academic collaborators.

Research collaborations between academic researchers and industry are essential in helping to understand unmet clinical needs and in developing appropriate technology solutions to address those needs; ultimately resulting in better patient care and outcomes.

The research activities at EM Imaging  span from early phase, basic discovery research through product development and sponsored clinical trials for regulatory approval. Investigator sponsored research projects are an important component of EM Imaging’s research portfolio.

Working together, we can develop solutions to unmet clinical needs. Investigators that have an idea, concept or proposal for a research study should contact EM Imaging at Proposals are accepted based on scientific, medical, and health economic merit and alignment with EM Imaging’s strategic research needs. We understand that speed is critical to success when acting on innovative ideas. For proposals that meet certain criteria, EM Imaging is committed to offering a simplified agreement within a very short time after accepting a proposal.